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I went to a cotton field pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Actually, it was in East Bernard, and I got bomb pictures. It took about an hour and a half to get there, but boy was it worth it. I met some new creative people there, Andrew is the male model in most of the pictures I took. I have been super down in the dumps with photography lately, I have been planning a bunch of styled shoots for my senior reps & also I have been planning a wedding styled shoot as well. (btw, super hard) Anyways, I haven't been really inspired lately, but I forced myself & Payton, my good ole friend, to come to this cotton field with me. I haven't done this amazing since I started photography. These pictures I took is the best work I have ever created before. I'M NOT KIDDING. This is the kind of moment that makes your jaw drop and realize I was born to this shit. Excuse my language, but wow. 

I didn't take many pictures, but I will show you my favorites & a before & after of one picture. All the images I did take look sooooo editorial and magazine ready I want someone to publish me and make me famous already. 

The model in these images are Andrew. I will link his instagram right now: ANDREWS INSTA

The next picture i'll show is the amazing before and after of Isabel I will also link her instagram right now: ISABELS INSTA


After editing these pictures and the outcome of them I was so proud of myself. I am just gonna say come personal goal I hope to achieve in the future with my photography business. S here goes nothing; 1, I hope to partnership/get a sponsored shoot, that will take time but thats a BIG GOAL of mine. 2, I want to start doing more conceptional creative photography. 3, I want to get published in a magazine. 4, I want people to respect my work, and get over the fact that I started only 9 months ago, and the fact that I'm only 18. 5, I want to photograph a wedding.

That's me typing or speaking words out there. I have been praying so much about my photography business & everyone that allows me to take pictures of them. I am so blessed to the people that I have photograph & can't thank some people enough for trusting me. 

If anyone is wondering how I edited these images I used the ANGIEJUSTSHOOTME preset pack I have & will link her website & instagram at the end. I also use Stew Caldo's presets. I use all presets as a base when I am editing & change them so much. I also have been using a lot more green/blue undertones when editing. I honestly just play around when it comes to editing. The before & after of Isabel, I honestly have no idea how I edited that, I just play around with colors and what looks good in my pictures and what I'm feeling as well. 

angiejustshootme.com/new-page/  &  instagram.com/angiejustshootme

The main preset that I am oh so in love with is "MOODY" in Angie's preset pack!! 

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-Have a great day LOVE EMILY :)

Emily O'Neil