Emily Marie Photography



Spontaneous shoot with Olivia

I always have my eye out looking for new shoot locations. Olivia was super awesome enough to be my model and test out these locations with me! All of the locations were shot in Friendswood, Texas.

The first one was off the road by a McDonalds. The grass has serious jungle vibes and we took a few pics here with Olivia sitting down. This location had great lighting in one of the areas, but not where we took the pictures lol.

The next locations a car inspection place by Kroger. It had these awesome windows that were open. It reminded me of a burger shop in those basic classic summer movies from the 90's. In these images Olivia leaned against the building and did her thing! I am in love with all of the colors in these pictures, we even got a car in the back! The car gave it just another cute little touch.


The final and last location! Is once again in Friendswood. There are these super cute beach looking condos. The steps of the stairs and the little patio are perfect! Me & Olivia actually came here a couple months ago, and shot here. The pictures from then and now :0 The improvement in both of us is CRAZY!!! Just the editing style and how comfortable Olivia is in front of the camera is jut amazing how much we both have grown. I had Olivia just do her own thing, and gave her little direction on posing. She is slowly becoming a model. 

*We did not trespass at any location*

Camera: Canon 5D Mark 3

Lens: Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 

Model: ig @whynot_olivia

Photographer: ig @emilyymariephotography