JAN 2019


The non profit for this month is Joseph’s Warriors, 10% of every session booked throughout January will go to this organization. I am very close to this non profit & truly have so much love for it. Joseph’s Warriors started when Joseph Fleming was diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma, in 2016. Joseph’s Warriors is in honor of his life and helps bring awareness to childhood cancer. To find out more about Joseph’s Warriors or to donate go to their website at josephswarriors.com or their Facebook page.

*The calendar above shows all days I am available throughout the month. I will be keeping this updated as the month goes along. I currently have some shoots booked for this month, but all days not highlighted are free to be booked on.



All pricing has increased and is now on the website for everyone to see it is under the “INVESTMENT” tab.




behind the scenes of our thanksgiving & new years shoot!

This shoot was so much fun! So the night before the shoot some of my reps came over and spent the night, just so we were all together and no one got lost.

We woke up very early 7am and then went to hair and makeup from 8-12, ate lunch at chickfila, then headed to the studio.

I made a vlog over the entire day, CLICK ME TO WATCH IT!




HAIR: @juliabahrhair

MAKEUP: @hmu_by_lexi

STUDIO: @superbstudio.co

PHOTOGRAPHER: @emilyymariephotography



I have a list long of goals and upcoming events planned for this next year. I am currently running 2 businesses, and 1 creative group (sneak peek to whats coming). I guess you could say I’m a busy person. I have lots of fun and exciting events/things coming in 2019.


JAN: Hosting wedding styled shoot CLICK HERE TO PARTICIPATE

FEB: Hosting my first workshop

MARCH: Hosting studio mini session for seniors & families

APRIL: Launching prom prices on my blog.


JUNE: Class of 2020 Rep Applications go live!

JULY: Another styled shoot? who knows I am super spontaneous.




NOV: Hosting christmas mini sessions for families.


The month’s that are blank will be filled, just haven’t thought about those months yet. I will also be putting a more in depth blog post a couple days before each other going over my availability for that month as well as any specials or events I will be hosting that month.


With everything going on I am also creating a creative group called “She Collective” this group is for everyone in the creative industry; whether it’s a small business owners, model, blogger, photographer, local florist, local wedding vendors, and anyone who pursues their creative outlet. She Collective will have monthly meetings, meet ups, and work dates. This is all about coming together as creatives and actually knowing the people we follow on social media. I love the idea of getting together and discusses branding, social media, and so much more with each other. Not only will we be creating long lasting relationships, but we can lift each other up! This group will be local to South Houston areas such as; Pearland, League City, Friendswood, Clear Lake, Kemah, Alvin, and Dickinson. These are areas in the community I hope She Collective will have creatives coming from.

She Collective’s first meeting will be on January 3rd of 2019 at Heritage Cafe in Friendswood, Texas at 5:00pm. We will be discussing our 2019 goals for our personal businesses and also self goals. If you can attend email me at shecollective4photographers@gmail.com (I know it says 4 photographers, but I didn’t know what else to put)

Also, join the She Collective Facebook group and stay updated with everyone. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions for feedback on your work, new ideas, or help on something your struggling with. That’s what the FB Group is for! CLICK ME TO JOIN



I cannot say it enough. I will be increasing all my current pricing to over more than double of what is it now. I will be adding more in the sessions and also making them more personal, especially for all senior sessions. The cost will include a consultation to plan your senior session. My current pricing for the basic senior session is $120, but in 2019 it will be $300. My pricing on everything will be increasing and I will be having a new website as well.

If you want a session in 2019, but want my current rates be sure to email me before the end of 2018. I will be waiving the fees for all that put down a 50% non refundable deposit on their session in 2019. If you would like more information on this, email me at hello@emilyymariephotography.com


EMP will be giving back 10% of all sessions booked in 2019. I will be choosing a different non profit or organization each month where all proceeds will go and what that organization is all about. This information will be in the month’s blog post.


As you may have saw in the 2019 breakdown. I will be hosting a wedding styled shoot & it is open to photographers although spots are limited for this event. CLICK ME TO JOIN . I am also putting together my first ever workshop. Yes, I said workshop. Now I won’t be teaching anything I don’t know. I will be “teaching” aka sharing my knowledge on what I know over having a senior rep team and also how I plan my wedding styled shoots as well as styled shoots for my reps. This event will take place in February of 2019. There will also be some of my current senior reps as models, and a small wedding styled shoot set up there. I will be announcing the date, time, location, and ticket pricing all in late January.


I know it’s super early to even be talking about this. But if your wondering I will be having a Class of 2020 rep team. I will be putting out the applications for this either the last week in May or first week of June, I still am deciding. The applications will only be up for 1 week! I will be making a ton of changes to this program for the next school year, as far as pricing, what you will get from the program, and all the shoots! I will be lowering the cost this year for the program. I will be taking a minimum of 6 girls and a maximum of 15 girls for this rep team. I currently have 8 girls on my rep team for Class of 2019 for reference. I will be doing a contact form as well as a questionnaire for this program and will be deciding within 1 week after the deadline. All information regarding the Class of 2020 rep team will be launched when applications go up. If you are interested in being a rep for EMP, please keep in mind I take this program very seriously. I love my girls and can’t thank them enough :,)

So, thats the end of this super long blog post. I am so excited for 2019 and my one year anniversary of doing photography, also stay tuned for whats to come for my one year :)


Emily <3


I am so happy to say I will be hosting another wedding styled shoot!! I have some amazing vendors on board for this shoot and cannot wait for this event to happen!

This shoot will take place in Pasadena, Texas at Silver Sycamore on January 21, 2019, in the afternoon. The theme is Vintage Valentine’s Day. The Investment: $125 this can be paid either through Venmo or cash day of. I will be taking headshot of everyone t help them further more in their photography career! If you are interested in being apart of this shoot please email me at hello@emilyymariephotography.com 

I will be taking headshots of all photographers that come to help further them in their personal photography business

Breakdown of what will be there for you to capture for your portfolio:

  • Invitation Suite

  • Bridal Details

  • Bride & Groom

  • Bridal Portraits

  • Cake Table

  • Reception Table Set Up

I will have a picture of my inspiration/mood board.


If interested in being a photographer at this styled shoot you can email me at:

hello@emilyymariephotography or fill out the form below!

Name *
Are you a photographer? *
I agree there is an investment fee and I will pay in full either through Venmo or cash day of the styled shoot. *


So you’re a senior and need senior pictures. I made a list of everything you need to prepare for it & a list of what you need & an outfit guide! I myself was a senior in high school last year, so I know how stressful it can be and I am here to help!

  1. Finding a photographer. There are so many photographers, but everyone has a different style. Keep in mind that senior pictures aren’t cheap. Senior pictures can cost anywhere from $300 and up. When looking for a photographer PLEASE DON’T pick someone who doesn’t fit your vibe or if you like them just because they are cheap and will give you all the images. There are so many photographers to choose from nowadays there is someone that will fit you & bring the best out of you! Also, photographers do more than take a picture, because editing takes at least an hour and a half so just keep all that in mind.

  2. Outfit shopping. This is probably the most stressful part. From being a senior myself, the outfits don’t matter. I wore clothes that complimented my hair, skin, and eye color. I have red hair and blue eyes, and I am not tan so I wore my favorite pair of jeans, a yellow tank top I thrifted, and a floral long dress with movement. My senior pictures I have in a little slideshow for you as reference. They were taken by my amazing, talented friend, Payton Hartsell. I always loved her photography and she has been a huge inspiration to me. That’s why I chose her to take my senior pictures, no matter how much it was.

    But for outfits don’t overthink it, go to forever 21 find a cute look for less than $50 and your good. Also, get outfits that represent you, not someone you want to be. If you love the 80’s get some mom jeans, a jean jacket, and a cute 80’s t shirtband ACCESSORIES!!!! They will make the world of a difference! I can always find cute jewelry at forever 21 or little boutique in my area. TJ MAXX is another amazing store, they literally have everything from clothing, shoes, fake eyelashes, and cute bralettes.

3. Hair & Makeup. Some photographers have a preference if they want your hair an makeup done or if they don’t care. As for myself I am currently not partnered with any local hair and makeup artists, but I know some other Senior Photographers are. I personally don’t care all too much about makeup I just want my seniors to feel pretty and look their best. Fake eyelashes make a huge difference and make your eyes look bigger in photos, so if you don’t want to pay for a makeup artist just buy some eyelashes at H-E-B for $5 and your set. As for hair, I don’t mind if you do it yourself, but i think it looks better if you have straight or curled or a cute little braid just to add a little something

I think no matter what the pictures will turn out amazing. Plus it scares me to have someone else to do my makeup & hair so that why i’m not partnered with anyone lol.

4. Locations. I know the number one thing in senior pictures that you will see besides you is the location or place your at. Don’t think you have to go all the way downtown into Houston just to get cute pictures. Now I love going downtown & yes some of my favorite pictures are from them being downtown. Honestly I love finding hidden gems that are right off the road and jumping out of my car and taking pictures. I have done some of my shoots where we have no idea where we wanna go until we are in the car. My go to spot right now is Alvin, Texas. They have cute stuff and it’s mainly in neighborhoods. You can still get the trees coming down as if you were downtown. Also, fields heres a little tip *bring bug spray, and wear shoes you don’t care about, because you won’t see them in the picture. Fields are everywhere! I have so many spots that are so ugly from the outside, but when we start shooting it looks like a completely different place. I will have some pictures of what locations look like and then the pictures that came out of an ugly spot.

5. Time of day. When deciding on a day and time for your senior session the best times in my opinion are 2 or 3 hours before sunset or 2 hours after sunrise. As far as the weather goes, I love shooting on cloudy days, but I love a good golden hour session.

Things you will need to bring to your session:

  • All your outfits

  • Any extra shoes

  • Jewelry

  • Brush or comb

  • Extra makeup or makeup wipe

  • Props like confetti, balloons, lettermen, flowers, etc.


I love buying clothes and picking out outfits, if you didn’t know. I am gonna list a couple of good go to outfits and I will link a few of my favorite stores at the end.

Go to outfits:

  1. College shirt & ripped jeans with sneakers.

  2. Patterned romper, jumpsuit, or dress with wedges & nice jewelry.

  3. A solid colored skirt, with a floral or patterned top tucked into the skirt with booties.

  4. A nice striped pant with solid colored top & sneakers to match.

  5. Mom jeans with a cute cropped top with a denim jacket over with vans with gold hoops, A LOOK!

  6. A long floral maxi dress with a danity necklace with sandals.

  7. Your favorite jeans with a sweater or top with booties or sneakers.

My favorite stores:

thecheekylemon.com my good friends online boutique that has super cute clothing & jewelry

paigeandnova.com my own online boutique that has affordable clothing

forever21.com has everything you could possibly need just whats online isn’t always in store

urbanoutfitters.com cute edgy minimal clothing but overpriced

lulus.com has amazing dresses even for prom/banquet season

francescas.com cute formal things

target.com literally the cutest shoes and clothes and i always spend too much money there

brandymelville.com overpriced cropped tops and clothes that only models can wear

buckle.com they have the best jeans and also cute sweaters and also cute shoes

That’s the end of my blog post about all the things you need to know about planning and figuring everything out for your senior session. Whether you are graduating in 2 years or in 4 months planning is always fun and stressful but in the end its all worth it!

If you don’t know who I am check out my other blog post on my most frequently asked questions CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

Incase you need senior pictures and live in the Houston area I would love to take them! My rates are increasing to more than double their price now at the start of 2019! Make sure you book now to get an amazing deal that will never happen again. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT MY PRICING

Make sure your following me on all the social media & let me know what my next blogpost should be!




Have a blessed day!



I put a poll on my instagram story the other day & asked y’all want y’all wanted to see about my styled shoot. It was super close to both, but the one that won was all the pictures taken at the shoot.

I will be sharing also kinda how I put it all together for the other half of everyone that wanted to know and that’s at the end of the blog.

Pictures of Alexandria

Dress: @dalliancebespoke

MUA&H: @thebridalsuitetx

Florist: @amandabeefloral

Pictures of Aly & Alex

MUA&H: @thebridalsuitetx

Florist: @amandabeefloral

Pictures of Set ups & Stationary

Calligraphy: @citycraftery

Linens & Rentals: @linensandevents

Bakery: @thebutterstickbakerytx

Venue: @superbstudio.co

How I planned my styled shoot.

Basically I think this was one of the hardest most stressful things i’ve ever done. It all fell into place and turned out amazing! I planned my entire shoot in 1 month.

What I did was find a date that worked for me and the venue.

1st thing you need is a venue! I did it kinda wrong, lol, and already had people on board and not my venue. Venue is important, because vendors and photographers will need to know a location.

Other vendors to consider:

  • Dress and Suit

  • Makeup & Hair

  • Stationary

  • Florist

  • Cake

  • Planner or Day of Coordinator

  • Venue

  • Models

  • Stylist

    If you have any more questions about things you may need to know about planning your styled shoot, feel free to dm me or email me! I would love to help.

    I am now offering shadowing sessions for photographers, and also one on one planning

If you are interested in any of those services they will be under my pricing page!

You need to contact all the vendors you would like to be apart of your shoot. Email them and be friendly!

After you finalize everything with your vendors, If you want to. Open the styled shoot up to other photographers in your area. You can charge a fee or even be very selected with the photographers you allow.

Also, if you need other vendors and no one seems to be replying, put out what you need in your local styled shoot groups or photographers groups.


Also, I am starting a youtube channel, so be on the lookout for my video! I will be putting up behind the scenes of an upcoming shoot with my reps & also a day in my life.