Need some extra help? I got you!

I have made a list of every prop possible you could bring on your senior session.

Having something do you with your hands helps break the ice at your session. It can help pose you for those pictures you’re about to take. Of course Pinterest has a thousand ideas,but these are my personal fave & ones I love see my seniors bring to their sessions.

So here goes nothing my list starts now!

  • Your puppy/dog/cat/rabbit/something cute & furry.

  • Balloons

  • Flowers either real or fake.

  • Cap & Gown

  • Play a sport? Bring it with you.

  • Lettermen

  • Poms ( Cheerleader or Dancer)

  • Uniform (Cheerleader or Dancer)

  • Confetti ( Target has the best!)

  • Cute floppy hat

  • Flower crown

  • Your “congrats” sign from your college.

  • Bubbles

  • Sun Glasses

  • Letter board with “Class of 2019”

There are so many more, but these are just some of my favs I love seeing in senior sessions.

That’s all for today kids.