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what is an emp senior rep?



What is an EMP Senior Rep?

Being an EMP Senior Rep simply means you are a spokesmodel for Emily Marie Photography LLC your senior year of high school. Representatives are selected in May their Junior year. Everyone interested in being apart of this program can apply & out of all of the applications EMP will chose the ones that she feel can represent her brand the best. After selecting all reps, they have styled group shoots together throughout their senior year, and also 2 individual senior sessions.


How many styled group shoots do you do?

During all of the reps senior year we do 6 in total. The first one is done before they go back to school, and then 2-3 in the fall, and then the remaining of the shoots in the spring. During this time they have 1 Fall individual senior session & 1 Spring individual senior session. I love staying connected with my reps, so we also do social activities together like have coffee dates and we do have rep parties for Christmas time. I think of the EMP Senior Experience as me being there for you all year long and even in your future. I do like the idea of showing up and shooting, that’s not an experience and I am giving them something they will remember forever.

How do you plan your shoots with your reps?

Usually I find inspiration from Pinterest, or I find a location I am dying to shoot at. From there I find a clothing mood board and see what will correspond and look best in the photos. I usually base the outfits on what I love photographing and what colors look best when editing. I love using props in shoots, in the past we have gone to an indoor studio and used confetti & also had a little new year’s couch set up. Another time we have had florals made by a local florist in Houston make flower crowns & floral bracelets for our last spring shoot as a group. I always send out a mood board with my inspiration to show them what I am wanting them to wear. When it comes to the actual shoot day it’s always the best, blasting music and hanging out!