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olivia's senior session

good evening kids.

so yesterday olivia, you’ve seen her face before, and I did her senior session yesterday. I just wanna say I am so proud of her! I love this girl and can’t wait to see her grow over the next year and where she in then.

for her senior session, we winged it. Kinda. we started out at “Maas Nursery” in Seabrook, and that where she wore the most flattering dress. It fit her and the location so well. I am gonna put all pictures in this blog post for the ones who want it:) The best part of this location, is that it is her mom’s favorite spot, so it wasn’t just for the cute pics, that was just a plus.

For Olivia’s senior session, she told me no direction, we didn’t even have the 2nd location picked out. It just sorta fell into our laps. If you don’t know Olivia, she is the most humble, sweet, and funniest person to be around. I am so glad we have a great friendship.

Okay, enough of me telling y’all how much i love her.

So, the 2nd location like I said fell into our laps. if you haven’t been with me since last year. I actually started doing this whole photography then, Jan of 2018. Olivia and I did a fun little shoot then, she was wearing overalls and we were at some random house on the side of the street. I told her to wear the same overalls, and we recreate last year’s look, just a couple of levels better. Like wayyyy better.

For Olivia’s 2nd Outfit, she wore a super cute cream top underneath her blue jean overalls, paired with classic white converse & the cutest red hair scarf.

For the location it was just down the road for the 1st location & it was so secluded, so no one saw us shooting. There was a small little beach that we had to go on an adventure to get to. These pictures remind me of “I am waiting for my sailor boy to return from war” Look. Those are the vibes i get & I am into it!!

As for the cloudy effect I get on my camera, I have a lens filter & I put vaseline on the outer circle of it. For all th photographers out there wondering, I got you.

As far as senior session go, this will be my favorite for all time. i love the tones, and vibes of this whole shoot. I am so pumped for senior season to start! I will be busy all March-June with senior pictures & prom sessions. Which by the way if your still reading, I am almost books for Pearland prom on April 27th I only have a time slot for 4:30 left. If you would like to book or know more information on pricing, email me or dm me on instagram, and I will be in contact with you asap.

that’s all for today and i will be back with more styled shoots, and content on the blog soon.

until then much love,



Emily O'Neil