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Helpful and useful tips when deciding on your senior photographer.

Senior photographers are everywhere at all different price points, styles, and experiences.

Today we will be giving you 4 tips to keep in the back of your mind when looking, choosing, and finally deciding on your senior portrait photographer. These tips are from a senior photographer & past senior stand point, so you get a true since of what to look for!

TIP 1: Find a photographer that you genuinely love their work.

When you are searching on Instagram, Twitter, Google, your friends, and etc find someone that you actually love their work! This just means that you value their work, and that you are booking with them for the right reasons. Most senior photographers specialize in SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY, so they know what they are doing. Speaking for myself, when it comes to all my seniors I AM INVESTED! I love help planning, styling, and finding locations to match your style and personality.

TIP 2: Find a photographer that fits your aesthetic/style.

Most photographers have a style that you can easily tell apart from other photographers. Some are more light and airy photographers rather than other photographers like myself are more on the moody/darker photographer styles. When I was a senior, I did a mini session with my favorite local photographer. I admired her work for the longest and when she did mini sessions, I got my spot and did them! Let me tell you it was the best! I didn’t get the chance to have a full on senior session, because I was too busy with my nanny job and photography that I didn’t have time to take them. But looking back now only a year after graduating high school, I am still so in love with those pictures. I think by valuing her work so much, it brought me more value in those images, because she did them. by the way it was Payton Hartsell. So maybe you already follow a dozen senior photographers, do you like their work? Do you want to see yourself on their feed? Do you want them to capture your senior year? Ask yourself those questions and you will find the photographer right for you!

TIP 3: Find a photographer you like seeing content from.

This goes hand and hand with the previous tip, but is there a photographer you like seeing posts from? Whether that’s actual posts or Instagram stories, do you follow a photographer that does both of these regularly? and do you like seeing it? Do they seem like a good, nice, fun person to be around? ASK yourself these questions! Do you ACTUALLY like them and what they do? Maybe they have multiple accounts, do you follow all of them because you want to see more of their work? If so, that says a lot and that means you support their small business.

TIP 4: Find a photographer that you want to work with no matter what!

This is my last and final tip, but VALUE! Don’t book with a photographer, because they are cheap and they will give you unlimited outfit changes and locations. I’m saying this, because most senior photographers don’t offer that. Most senior photographers have limited dates and all those dates will be booked. If they have limited dates and you really want them, you typically will book with them as soon as possible. Finding a senior photographer that you value and want to work with is more important and will bring more value to your senior pictures!

In saying all of this, I just want all incoming seniors to realize that it’s okay to pay a little more for a better professional senior experience is normal and it’s okay.

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