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I will be sharing my goals for this summer with everyone, so I will actually do it.

First goal: Do more elopement/destination wedding styled shoots to build the portfolio. I am already doing this :) I am planning a beach elopement styled shoot for the end of June! Super pumped!!!

Second goal: Have a model call for a super cute family, so I can start booking families for the fall & winter. I already have a couple of families in mind I plan on reaching out to!

Third goal: Pay money for college and sign up for classes to be a better small business women. I already applied and got in, so I just have to like actually go and do the thing/figure out how to sign up for classes.

Fourth goal: Eat healthy, because I work out a lot & I would be more fit and skinny if I didn’t eat crap :) I do Crossfit if you were wondering & a smaller goal is to be better and get stronger than what I already am.

Fifth goal: Network with vendors and make beneficial relationships in the creative world ahhhh, that sounds so lame, but I have to do it. I have a couple of amazing creatives I adore, but I want to meet more like minded people.

I think these are all of my goals, so far. Considering summer is like 2 and a half months I don’t want too many goals, because then I can’t achieve all of them. Although this was a lot. I will be doing a mentorship in Austin, Texas at the end of May with Map & Compass Photography, and I plan on doing lots of Instagram stories about my time in Austin & kinda a weekend in my life, because y’all loved my day in a life I did on the ig story a while back. So I will be doing it again.

I also am currently planning Class of 2020 Senior Rep Team styled shoots. I have the first one planned, which will be at Superb Studio and they will have 2 outfits & I am so pumped to email the girls who I am taking. So far the applications are still open, but I have a good amount of girls already. I know more people will apply, but I love all the girls already and they don’t even know they have been picked yet.

This next year I plan on being more professional in my business, figuring out what I want to specialize in, and what I want to offer in my business. As it is very noticeable I primarily photograph high school seniors, I plan on offering new and improved packages for my seniors making the overall experience better for the both of us! I have been talking to many hair and makeup artists, creating Pinterest boards for guidance, I have made lots of blog guides for my clients. I plan on having a guide to actually send clients I just have to actually work on that.

I also have realized that I need to be an adult and learn how to build my credit. I just need to learn how one does that. If you don’t know I still live with my parents, and I am not complaining I am so fortunate to have them allow me to live with them and also not have a “real job” and kinda figure things out. I love how supportive they are and they are the best. I cannot thank them enough for letting me be young and dumb and figure things out. But thats why I want to know how to build my credit, because although I would love to live with them forever, me and Kyle would eventually like to live in our own home with our little puppy boy within the next 1-3 years.

This is becoming a late night long talk with the internet. So I am gonna go ahead and just post this. Anyways, thank you for reading until the end if you did, if so comment below your summer goals I would love to hear them and we can keep each other accountable!

As always follow me on insta for updates in the business and my life. Until the next blog post have a goodnight or good day or if you’re having a bad day just know theres always tomorrow.

Lots of love,

Emily :)

Emily O'Neil