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PROM 2019

Hey everyone!

Today I will be showing y’all a few special moments I captured this past weekend, which is….. PROM!! I love seeing everyone dressed up with their hair & makeup all done up. It makes me want to go back to prom.

I ended up doing 3 prom sessions this past Saturday, but I will be showing y’all my favorite I ended up shooting, which was the last group. No shade, no tea, just the lighting was amazing & we actually switched up the background.

We were in Galveston, Texas at The San Luis Hotel. They have a gorgeous stair case & then we went unto the helicopter pad for some pictures.

These were just a few individuals I did for this group! I will have the group shots we got & as well as the stair case you cannot forget at this hotel.

If you didn’t watch I did a Day In My Life this day over on my Instagram story, I made a highlight for you to go back & watch. I show what I do on a normal day including some behind the scenes of the prom sessions I did, and as well as editing & how long it takes.

If you’re interested in watching it go to my Instagram @emilyymariephotography

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Emily O'Neil