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My 1st shoot with my Senior Reps!!

If you didn't know I had an application out for about a month and a half looking for senior reps for my brand. It was literally the most stressful thing I think i've been through yet with my photography. besides like my computer not having enough space on the internal hard drive and like losing all of my work from when I first started. Anyways, that's besides the point. So, I had the application up, and no one was applying AND THEN! These lovely girls all applied and i'm telling you I am so thankful and blessed they did. They are such a great group of girls! 

We all met back in May and we talked a little and I told them how I was trying to partner with a boutique and also with a makeup artist for them. Fast forward to now. We had our first shoot and we were partnered with an amazing local boutique called "Mainstream Boutique" and also the amazing makeup artist Ariana Davis . 

I didn't have a set idea or theme to this shoot basically I have no idea with really what I'm doing and i'm not ashamed to say it. The girls all had their makeup done, then after we had to have a pre game chick-fil-a meal, then we went to Mainstream Boutique to pick out some clothes for the girl's to wear, and then we went and got started on the photoshoot. 

It was about 4:30 when we started shooting (for anyone wondering). The location was a little abandoned houses/field that is off of Dixie Farm Road in Pearland, Texas. If you're wondering. We did a couple of group shoots and individuals there as well. We were starting off great! We did some bubbles at this location which turned out so good I cannot get over them.

Second Location:

The second location i've been wanting to try out for a while and i'm glad I did. It's a donut shop, but it has yellow brick walls. Which is super awesome, because the only other yellow walls I know of are downtown in Houston. The wall is on 35 for you curious cats :) . We just did a few portraits here of the ones who wanted it. Also all my girlies were in love with their shirts from Mainstream Boutique. If you live in Pearland Friendswood area I highly recommend checking them out! They have the nicest staff as well which is such a bonus!! 

3rd Location

For the last location is one of my favorites. It was featured in my last blog post. If you missed it click here to check it out! The location was actually perfect for the reps to sit don't and do a couple cute shoots with confetti. 


All my social media will be linked down below as well with all my Senior Reps Instagram's! Make sure you follow all of us.

Don't forget to check out Mainstream Boutique & Ariana Davis.

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