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September Senior Rep Shoot!

I finally saw my reps! On this shoot I decided to partner up with The Cheeky Lemon, which is a Houston based online boutique. My friend, Jaime runs the store and whenever she said yes to this shoot I was over the moon!

For the theme I went with transitioning into Fall. As you can see most pieces are short, lightweight, and comfy. Especially in Texas it’s still around 90 degrees. For the location I choose Downtown Houston on a rooftop of a parking garage and also Main Street. It has very city, modern, chic, and moody vibes, which I love oh so much!

If you didn’t know The Cheeky Lemon just posted new arrivals this morning! If you use code “EMILY15” you will get a 15% off discount.

I will be posting some of the pictures in this blog post!

I am over the moon in love with all of thee pictures! I just wanna say I finally made my own presets and they were used on this entire session! It’s amazing how much a person can grow in such a couple of months of trying to make their work the best.

I don’t know how many people actually read my posts all the way through, but for all “potential clients” reading this I am increasing my prices on January 1st. They are increasing due to how my work looks, the time it takes to edit and also the shoot itself, my gear, the amount of money I do put into my business, and also the worth of my work.

I’m not saying any of this to make myself feel better or put anyone down. I am saying this, because I have been stepped all over in my business and I am sick of it. I only want clients who want me for my work. Not because “I’M CHEAP” or “I TAKE GOOD PICTURES AND THEY ARE AFFORDABLE” . I am taking my work seriously and this is my full time job. I will be making my business legit very soon, and if thats not enough for you, then idk what will.

Sorry for that rant, but I need people to know.

Thank you to The Cheeky Lemon for partnering up with me and my reps for this shoot! I love The Cheeky Lemon, and all of their clothing! I’m not saying that because I have to its all real!

Much love to everyone that read’s my blog & I will be starting a youtube channel very soon!